Home Watch Services in The Villages

The Villages

Badger Home Watch has a mission to provide our clients with peace of mind. When you are miles away, you are assured that your home is in the same condition when you return as it was when you left. No matter how long that may be.

Badger Home Watch is insured, bonded, and registered as a business in the state of Florida.

Badger Home Watch will regularly visit your home while you are away and report any of our findings to you by text, email, or phone. We inspect both the inside and outside of your home while you are away. No one wants to return to their home only to discover a security breach, a plumbing leak, an appliance or HVAC system not functioning, a pest infection, a faulty irrigation system, or damages from an act of nature. If a situation does occur in which repairs to your home are required, we will meet with the service professionals at your home and stay until the work is completed.

We also offer other services to tailor to your needs such as package delivery, grocery shopping for your return, and others. These can be discussed at an in home meeting.

Badger Home Watch serves the counties of Lake, Marion, and Sumpter counties that are located in The Villages, Fl.

“We watch when you can’t”

About the Owner

Barry Buske, Owner

Originally from Wisconsin, Barry Buske retired to The Villages, Florida, after thirty one years in the sporting goods industry as Worldwide Vice President of Sales for the leading manufacturer of bicycle, skateboard, skydiving and whitewater helmets, located in San Diego, California.

Soon after I was living in The Villages, I was getting requests from my neighbors to keep an eye on their house while they were away. It wasn’t long before they offered to pay me as they were so happy with the way I kept in contact with them and fixed any problems. I realized that I could take advantage of my years of customer service skills, and along with recognizing a need for my services, I started my home watch business.

As a University of Wisconsin alum I decided to name my company after our mascot. A Badger. They are very tenacious, with a never give up attitude, that I bring to my business. Every customer is my number one priority, no problem will be unresolved, and you can be sure that I am always working for you. I hope you will give me a chance to earn your trust, even if you are not from Wisconsin.